My Journey

I embarked on a career in nursing when I was 16. I knew from a young age that this was the right path for me. I also knew that I wanted to work with cancer patients after experiencing this complex disease in my family. My first job was at the Royal Marsden Hospital where I obtained a postgraduate diploma in oncology. I found looking after patients who were terminally ill most enjoyable and specialised in palliative care. I went on to achieve an MSC in palliative care research and worked in a variety of hospitals, hospices and community teams as a clinical nurse specialist (a senior nurse sometimes known as a ‘macmillan nurse’). It was enormously rewarding to help patients spend the remainder of their lives as pain free as possible in their own homes.

However, it was also very stressful and I felt a mounting sense that there was must be more to healing than recommending drugs

I enrolled at the renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and was blown away by the incredible healing power of food and the enormous importance of nutritional therapy for achieving optimal health.

Naturopathy looks at the root cause of illness and addresses – ┬áit is a fundamentally different approach to medicine and is of huge value in restoring vitality and balance to the body, mind and spirit.

My other big love is travel and lifestyle redesign – I will be posting about ways to make money remotely, destination guides and organisation and productivity hacks.